The Chamber acts as a political advocate on behalf of our business members on the local, state, and federal levels of government. We are working with leaders in surrounding communities to establish a regional coalition to make our united voice a more significant and influential constituency in Sacramento.

As Covid-19 infection rates continue to rise, the unprecedented shelter in place restrictions imposed by Governor Newsom will continue to cripple many of our small businesses in Burbank. These new restrictions put an additional burden on our already vulnerable business community.

We are joining forces with the City and other business organizations to demand immediate federal relief to save small businesses in our community who are fighting to keep their doors open.  We are reaching out to the LA County Supervisors to formally oppose all current and future business restrictions and closures in the City of Burbank. We will petition the Board of Supervisors to re-open restaurants for outdoor dining and allow flexibility for the City of Burbank to comply with guidelines provided without limiting them to operate at full potential.

After nine months of adhering to the guidelines and directives issued, Burbank continues to increase safety against the COVID-19 virus, informing patrons to social distance, wear masks, while increasing sanitization of public spaces. The economic impact of these orders is restricting our businesses; despite the rate of infection remaining very low in our city.

The Burbank Chamber of Commerce is also a small business, so we understand, firsthand, the struggles and frustration affecting communities throughout California.

Jamie Keyser
Chief Executive Officer
Burbank Chamber of Commerce