Located in the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Burbank is acclaimed for being the home of many media related companies, including the world headquarters of The Wal Disney Company, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, NBC, and more than 700 other ancillary entertainment industry businesses.


Originally part of the Rancho San Rafael land grant given to Don Jose Maria Verdugo by Spain in 1798, the land became Rancho La Providencia in 1821 following Mexico’s successful bid for independence.

By 1867 Dr. David Burbank, a dentist, purchased portions forming a large ranch raising sheep and built a house on what is now the backlot of Warner Bros. studio. Dr. Burbank then sold some of his property to the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1874 the first train link was completed.

Low fares brought people from the east to California, and in 1886 Dr. Burbank sold his property to a group of land speculators for $250,000. They, in turn, subdivided the property into small farms and residential lots, and began offering these for sale on May 1, 1887, the date credited with Burbank’s founding. On July 8, 1911, with a population of 500, Burbank was incorporated.

Burbank’s continuing growth was tied to the aviation and entertainment industries, first with Lockheed Aircraft Corporation during Would War II, when 98,000 employees working in conjunction with the war effort needed housing. Low cost loans provided by the federal government helped develop thousands of homes for what is now modern day Burbank. Although the motion picture business has been present in Burbank since the 1920’s, Disney’s arrival in 1941 and NBC’s coming into town in the 1950’s solidified the entertainment industry. Today numerous post production companies, voiceover studios, and other media related businesses abound.

City Government

With a City Charter adopted January 13, 1927, Burbank has its own Police and Fire departments, schools, parks, libraries, and Water & Power Department. There are five City Council members are elected at large for four year term. The City Manager, Mark Scott, is appointed by the Council to oversee normal day to day operations. There are currently approximately 1,400 city employees. Current Council members are:

  • Emily Gabel-Luddy, Mayor
  • Sharon Springer, Vice Mayor
  • Bob Frutos, Council Member
  • Jess Talamantes, Council Member


Burbank’s yearly average temperature is 63 degrees Fahrenheit with an average 12.1 inches of rain (based on a 100 year average). Humidity is an average 61%. Prevailing winds are in the southwesterly direction with a mean hourly speed of 2 to 4 MPH.

The elevation is 484 to 957 feet above sea level, with the City located in the San Fernando Valley between the Verdugo and Hollywood mountains.

The land mass area is 17.155 square miles.


Per the 2010 U.S. Census, Burbank’s population is 103,340 people, and the total number of registered voters is 61,248. Current 2014 population estimate is 104,379.

Demographic and socio-economic data from the 2010 U.S. Census is as follows:

Previous population totals:

  • 1970: 88,871
  • 1990: 93,643
  • 2000: 100,316

Sex Ratio (as determined in 2014):

  • Male: 51,625
  • Female: 54,918

2014 Race Breakdown:

  • White: 56,563
  • African American: 1,899
  • American Indian & Alaska Native: 65
  • Asian: 10,479
  • Native Hawaian & Other Pacific Islander: 93
  • Other race: 1,196
  • Two or more races: 4,282
  • Hispanic origin: 29,802

Television Industry Particulars

At NBC television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Ellen Show are produced. Local affiliate KNBC also broadcasts local news broadcasts.

The ABC Television Network is headquartered on the grounds of The Walt Disney Studios here in Burbank.

Bob Hope Airport

Located in Burbank and jointly owned by the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena Airport Authority, Bob Hope Airport caters to 4.9 million passengers annually served by United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, and U.S. Air. Having our own airport provides Burbank residents with the convenience of traveling to other hub cities around the United States and on to final destinations with ease.

Medical Center

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, with 455 beds, is the largest medical center in the San Fernando Valley. Founded in 1943 by the Sisters of Providence Health System, the medical facility is known for its state-of-the-art technology and high quality, compassionate level of care. With more than 600 physicians and 2,000 employees, volunteers, and Guild members, the hospital is equipped to provide quality care for all.