We are all waking up to a different world with the current Coronavirus crisis! This is not “business as usual” and our #1 priority is taking care of ourselves, our families, our friends and our Chamber members. This is how the Burbank Chamber of Commerce is approaching this international crisis.

To our members, we want you to know the following:

  • We have provided Chamber employees with the information they need to practice healthy living and we are requiring any employee who shows any sign of illness to stay home.
  • We are mostly operating in a business as usual manner with the additional precautions to protect everyone who works or visits our offices.
  • For our critical employees who are unable to physically be at work – for any reason – we have provided work-at-home equipment and guidance to continue our support for Chamber members in every way we can.
  • We will provide all Chamber members with updates via the Chamber website and e-Blasts of State and local government decisions impacting your business; and, public and private business resources available to deal with the consequences of the Coronavirus. Website: https://burbankchamber.org/
  • Below is a link with a list of resources currently available to assist businesses under the “Business, Employers, Employees and Consumers” section:
  • https://www.burbankca.gov/what-s-new/coronavirus

    We are committed to standing by our members and assisting them as we have for the past 100 years. During those 100 years, the US economy has again and again demonstrated its resiliency – most recently from the Stock Market Crash of 1987 through 9/11 to the Great Recession of 2007-09 – it has bounced back stronger each time. By working together, it will bounce back stronger again.